Sports Day

The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on Prep’s Sports Day.  The children participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship.  Everyone’s a winner at Prep with children guaranteed to win at least a couple of medals for their efforts.

Sports Day is an all-day activity held early in the calendar year when the weather is coolest. Kids are grouped into color-coded teams and participate in a variety of individual and team sports events and games.  Parents are invited to join the kids throughout the day.

Events chosen are fun, safe and easy to participate in successfully.  Typical events are relays, ball skill games, balancing, water transfers, teamwork games, obstacle course and tug-o-war.


  • Everybody has fun
  • Kids learn about the extra enjoyment that competition can bring to a game
  • Kids build positive associations with outdoor games and competition
  • Kids build various gross motor skills in preparation for and on the Sports Day itself.
  • Kids experience some feelings of team spirit and the value of supporting and appreciating the skills of all competitors.
  • Get parents involved in school activities.